MEMBERSHIP FEES        as of January 7th, 2006, updated November 28, 2006

Initiation Fee: Full Member                        $1500.00    Waived for 2007    (May rent the Cessna 150 and J3 Cub)

Initiation Fee: Student Pilot Member          $1000.00  Waived for 2007

Associate Member                                   $150 / year.


Student Pilot Member                                 $75.00 / hour.

Associate Member                                    $80.00 / hour.

Full Member                                               $70.00 / hour.


Members will be assessed yearly dues in the amount of $400.00 billed April 1st of that year, (Associate Members $150.00) and another assessment of $100.00 may be assessed on August 1st. During the flying season, members will be billed a minimum of 1 hour flying time whether used or not.  The flying season is usually May thru November.  Monthly minimums may be waived due to flying conditions and aircraft availability.